Counter Strike Can Also Get “The International” Treatment

By   /   Jul 14, 2014

There is no questioning the popularity of Counter Strike among the gaming community and knowing that developers are considering to create Dota 2 International type of tournament for Counter-Strike as well.

In an interview with Prodota, Valve’s Erik Johnson said:

The guys working on Counter Strike made a lot of progress on supporting the professional community around that game.

We all work at the same company and share a lot of ideas, and given how successful [Dota 2’s] tournament has become I don’t see any reason why a lot of the same things couldn’t be applied directly to Counter-Strike.

He added that, there is nothing to be announced just yet, but looking at the response that Dota 2 International has received, it would be very difficult to ignore to have the same kind of event for Counter-Strike.

It is quite an interesting remark to make, as it will certainly bring the hopes up for the players that have been waiting for an event of such large scale to be organized for Counter Strike.

Now, that the cat is out of the bag, it will be interesting to see, if Valve does make any serious effort to create an event like this for the infamous Counter Strike title.

Would you like to see Dota 2 The International type of competition for any other game? Let us know!

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