Batman: Arkham Knight Operation Savior is GCPD’s Worst Nightmare

By   /   Jul 14, 2014

The official Facebook page of Batman: Arkham Knight has been updated to tell us a bit more on the game’s story premise.

The first image loaded features the game’s antagonist, the Arkham Knight himself. Wearing a suit similar to that of the Dark Knight, the Arkham Knight has his own private army that is equipped and fully ready to take over Gotham city. In the image he is shown telling his army that “Operation Savior has begun” and that it’s time to come out of hiding and lock the city down.

“I want our hands wrapped tight around Gotham’s throat within the hour.”

Just how formidable is the Arkham Knight’s army? In a second image uploaded on the Facebook page, Commissioner Gordon asks for more backup. “Gotham is under attack! I want everyone off the streets and back to GCPD. We’re not equipped to deal with what’s out there. Thank God there’s someone who is.”

It’s a good thing that civilians are being told to get off the streets. This makes it easy for us to mow down his private soldiers using the Batmobile.

The game’s villain looks nothing trifle and Bruce is going to need some new gadgets to take this new bunch off the streets and in the Gotham prisons. We’ll see whether Rocksteady equips us with something new when the game releases next year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Facebook

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