Xbox One Resolution-Gate is a “Perception Challenge,” says Xbox Executive

By   /   Jul 12, 2014

Microsoft believes that the recent Resolution-gate issue of the Xbox One is a ‘perception’ that needs to be changed.

In the debate of whether the human eye can spot the variations between a 1080p and 900p display, Xbox UK Marketing head Harvey Eagle believes no. Speaking with CVG, Eagle said that he personally can see no graphical difference between the PS4 and Xbox One equivalents. However he understands how the low numbers have started to become negative publicity, even if they don’t matter in-game.

“If you put third-party games side-by-side that are running at slightly different resolutions or frame rates, then unless you are using a screen that’s more than 60 inches big, I defy you to really see the difference,” he said. “I personally struggle to see the difference.”

In either case, Eagle believes that they need to overcome this challenge. He added that there will be an update soon enough for the Xbox One that will give developers even more GPU resources. This is because of the uncoupling of the Kinect, which was previously latching on to that resource.

“There is some GPU power that can be allocated to Kinect that we’re now freeing up for developers if they want to increase the fidelity of their games. I want to point out though that this is absolutely up to the developer on how they deploy the power.”

As for when people can expect Standalone Kinects, Eagle said that they should be out “before Christmas, but we aren’t yet ready to announce price or release date details.”

The whole point of the current-gen consoles was the ability to run games natively at 1080p. Compared to the last era, a lot more now boast screens that support that resolution. Hence, the community right now asks itself as to why they should invest in something that cannot offer them the magic number.

Source CVG

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