New Screenshots of Lords of The Fallen Show Enemies

By   /   Jul 12, 2014

Lords of the Fallen is going to land onto the market on October 31, 2014; and in the recent days, it has been arousing a lot of discussion regarding the game’s visual and gameplay similarities with Dark Souls and Demon Souls.

Just to add a bit more to the heap of visual evidence for the same, we have some new screenshots to share.

As you can see from the images in the gallery below, Lords of the Fallen does look pretty fiery and claustrophobic at the same time – for the lovers of the same.

However, it isn’t as horrid as Dark Souls. The graphics do have a bit more color to them and look a little less boring. This is apart from the fact that they do look pretty.

You will see different characters going up in a combat against all those demented creatures that we have seen in the game’s footages and screenshots so far. It’s all pretty intense.

Talking of the game’s graphics, we were told back in April that the developers are trying to pull off 30fps with a 1080p resolution.

Only recently, CI Games in cooperation with Deck13 Interactive released a gameplay trailer for the game that showed how much it resembles the title by From Software. However, that is not all what they had in the trailer, we got to know a lot about how the game works and how it differentiates itself from other games in the genre.

Check it out here.

Lords of The Fallen has skipped the last generation of consoles in favor of the newer PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with a worldwide release on Microsoft Windows.

Do you think that the game is a bit too much like the Dark Souls games? Or will it have enough ingenuity to create a place for its own self? Let us know in the comments’ section!

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