Knack 2 Could Happen in the Future

PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny has revealed interest in making a sequel to Knack. However, it’s highly unlikely that it will be the next thing he focuses on.

Speaking with IGN at this week’s Develop Conference in Brighton, Cerny said that he would love to keep working with the Knack brand.

“There’s a lot unexplored there, I think anybody who played the game would tell you that!”

Knack is a platform beat ’em up where players can make use of different elements to achieve new abilities. The game was a launch title for the PlayStation 4 and was bundled with the console itself in Japan. In the west, those that pre-ordered the bundle got a download code for free.

Cerny also revealed that after working on hardware and tech for so long, the developer is finally returning to games and is already working on a new one. From the previous statements it’s a given that it’s not Knack 2. While Cerny referred it as an indie title, he also said that the game will be fully funded.

“One of the projects I’m trying to kick off is a so-called ‘indie title’,” he said. “It won’t really be an indie title because it’ll be fully funded, but it’ll be nice to have a project where the scope is small enough that I’ll know the names of everybody on the team, which is really hard to do these days now that you’ve got 100, 200, 300 people internal plus everyone outside the company.

“Another nice thing about that kind of game is you get to have a concept that’s out there, you don’t have to… I mean, it’s always a crap shoot. With the big titles you have to think very carefully about what you’re trying to accomplish and how that will integrate with the existing market but so much about the smaller titles is excitement and freshness.”

Source IGN