Halo 3 Easter Egg Discovered After Seven Years

By   /   Jul 12, 2014

Easter Eggs are of no surprise nowadays, where pretty much every game has at least one weird object placed somewhere, or a way to activate an in-game special sequence. They are usually hidden but not that hard to come by. Even the good ones are found by gamers within weeks of release.

In the case of Halo 3 though, it has taken the community seven long years to discover its secret. Thanks to YouTube user Lord Zedd we now know that if you load the game up on Christmas day (or change your Xbox 360 clock to make your machine think it’s Christmas day), then press both Xbox thumbsticks down, the loading screen shows a new view of the eponymous Halo space ring, complete with a scrolling message reading, “Happy Birthday Lauren”.

The text is said to be included by one Adrian Perez of the development team, who directed that to his wife. He never expected it to be found.

Seemingly it was of no secret inside Bungie’s circle. The studio had hinted fans time and time again that there still remains a final hidden “Easter Egg” in the game which has not been discovered. We now know what that is.

Halo 3 was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 and sold 4.2 million units in retails worldwide. The game crossed $300 million in its launch week alone, with more than one million players playing the game on Xbox Live in the first 24 hours. Halo 3 is currently the fifth best selling Xbox 360 game of all time and the best selling in the Halo franchise.

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