GTA Online – How to Walk on Water and Float

By   /   Jul 12, 2014

Grand Theft Auto’s 1.5 patch has brought with itself a few changes, but those changes are easily overshadowed by the most intriguing and biblical bug in GTA Online so far.

You might not be able to turn water into wine, but you can walk on water… and in the air, and clouds, and wherever the heck you want, because you know, f**k science (at least in videogames). Lucky you, since we know how it’s done, and we’re here to share this divine secret.

How to Initiate the Glitch
In order to start, you need to make your way to the Docks. There’s a ramp here that leads to the wooden docks over the water.

Once you reach there, head to the corner on the right, and equip any firearm of your choice. Take cover next to the wall over the water on the right corner. Keep yourself close to the wall and move to the left till you are inside the water with only your shoulders and head popping out.

Now aim your gun around the cover by pressing your Left trigger quickly. If you’ve managed to do everything correctly, you’ll notice an absurdly transformed walk by your character. Head to the top of the ramp and walk over it to notice that you’re suspended midair. You can now run over the water.

Let’s Fly!
If you want to go higher, head to the apartment building opposite of the dock. Get around the corner of the building to the right till you find a fence over the water. Run over this fence and you’ll end up going to the skies. Wee!

If you start missing Terra Firma, there’s (sadly) no way to get back other than to kill yourself somehow and respawn, or simply restart the game.

There’s no real benefit to this glitch as far as we know, but if you manage to find a few tricks that can make it useful, but sure to spread the knowledge, starting with commenting on this article.

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