Get Your PS4 and Xbox One Custom Painted by ColorWare

It’s never too bad to have customized gadgets to stand out of the crowd, though that’s not the only reason we do it of course.

If you’re looking to “pimp up” your console, you can actually do so with some customized colors thanks to a clever and ‘colorful’ organization called ColorWare. If you want a customized paintjob on your PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox One, you can send it to them and they’ll do it for you with precision, just the way you like it.

It does cost a bit ($249), but the eye-candy that is the result of a brilliant paintjob and skillful finishing makes every dollar worthwhile (kind of). The colors offered by ColorWare come in gloss or matte, and you can mix in multiple types for some eye-catching results. Unleash your creativity and think of the kinds of colors you could mix up to make your console have the wow-factor.

Of course, it’s not just the consoles that are covered in this price – the paint experts at ColorWare will also happily recolor your controllers. Sweet!

If you don’t have one of these consoles and wish to buy one with customized colors, you can do so from the company – it’ll come with original packaging and a Colorware warranty.

If you’ve been hasty and have already opened the ColorWare website in a new tab, you’ll notice these guys don’t just paint consoles, but also have other customized gadgets, ranging from headsets to even musical instruments.

If you’ve gotten yours painted by them, be sure to leave a short review of your experience and the quality of the work in the comments section below.