Dishonored 2 Rumors Suggest New Protagonist, Time Setting

By   /   Jul 12, 2014

Dishonored 2: The Darkness of Tyvia (or so it is being called) was rumored to be revealed officially at the E3 2014 conference last month – although it never really happened. Ever since March, all the news around the title has been shrouded in mystery and rumors; and now we have yet another scoop of the same.

Apparently, there is an insider with information about the project that hasn’t been made public and he shared them with NowGamer recently. To start with, we have had an understanding that Arkane Studio is going to be at the helm of the series, but we didn’t know which studio of theirs would (or, is) handling the upcoming game. If the source is to be believed, it is Arkane Lyon Studio that is handling the development.

Furthermore, he claims that the people who are heading the development process are Harvey Smith, the co-creative director of the game along with Raphael Colontonio who also headed the previous game in the series.

That being said, the source claimed that Corvo, the old protagonist from the original game might be replaced with a new one in Dishonored 2: The Darkness of Tyvia. The replacement is going to be Emily Kaldwin, the child you protected in the first game.

This, he said, is also an evidence that the game is going to be set a couple of years after the events of the preceding title.

In the end you should expect the game to visit a new location in the upcoming title i.e. other than Dunwall. Well, that is almost certain if the game’s title is to be considered. We know that there are four locations in the game’s universe: Gristol, Tyvia, Morley and Serkonos. The first one is where Dunwall is located and as you can see, Tyvia is a different location altogether.

Dishonored 2 has been kept under veils for far too long now, but we shall let you know of whatever comes up next.

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