The Sopranos Intro Recreated in GTA V by Fans

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

A YouTube channel, which goes by the name of 8-Bit Bastard, has managed to re-create the whole intro sequence of HBO’s famous series “Sopranos” in GTA V.

Obviously, the creator wasn’t able to bring all the buildings and environments that was in the shows’ intro to the video game, but still, he manages to do a fairly good job.

Moreover, Tony Soprano in the GTA V version of the intro sequence is not quite what you would expect, as he is a lot thinner, but smoking animations are done quite superbly and look great.

Both the Sopranos and GTA V have huge fan-base and this video will certainly attract number of fans of both of them.

Before this year’s Game of Thrones season 4, The Sopranos was the most watched television show on HBO, but got beaten by GOT by just a little margin.

On the other hand, GTA V has its own very records, as it was able to generate 1 billion revenues in just few days of its release, and the game is going from strength to strength until the day it was released.

Check out the video above, showing the side by side comparison of both intros, and let us know your impressions of it, in the comments below.

Source: 8-Bit Bastard

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