Pokemon X and Y Charizard Distribution Event Starts in UK Tomorrow

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

Although it has been a while since Pokemon X and Y got released all around the place, but it is still managing to sweep the fans off the ground. There are millions and millions of players who are continuously battling and growing their hordes.

Just as all the heat is on; The Pokemon Company is making good use of it through a Pokemon X and Y Charizard distribution event that is being held at the GAME UK. The event will kick off as early as tomorrow i.e. July 11, and go on until August 10.

That is one whole month of opportunities!

If you have a 3DS or 2DS and either one of the games, you should head to any GAME outlet and pick up a free Pokemon through Nintendo Zone. If your local store doesn’t have a Nintendo Zone you will be given a special code.

“This Charizard is holding the Mega Stone that enables it to Mega Evolve during battle, becoming even more powerful than before! Pokémon X players will get a Charizard holding a Charizardite Y Mega Stone. The Charizard that Pokémon Y players get will be holding a Charizardite X.”

A bipedal Pokemon, Charizard is originally an orange colored dragonic creature although Mega Charizard X is blue in color and looks slightly different. It has been the version mascot for Pokemon Red and FireRed versions and has also made appearances in Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Stadium.

In the past, it has made three major appearances; one as Ash Ketchum’s Charizard, second as Charla who is owned by Liza from the Charicific Valley. This one has a romance going on with Ash’s Charizard. Then a Charizard was also used by Jessie among a few minor appearances.

Will you be making use of this Pokemon X & Y distribution event?

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