Playstation 4 Frozen Limited Edition Announced in Japan, Coming July 16

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced Playstation 4 ‘Frozen’ Limited Edition in Japan.

Walt Disney Co.’s Frozen has proven to be a massive success in Japan, shattering records for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The animated movie has become third-highest-grossing movie ever to release in Japan with a total of ¥21.2 billion (about $212 million) in box office sales.

Following this massive hit, SCE thought of releasing Playstation 4 ‘Frozen’ Limited Edition for ¥42,980, starting from Jul. 16, 2014 which is also the release date for Frozen’s Blu-ray Disc version.

Contrary to what this limited edition console should have looked like, it is simple charcoal black PS4 with a printed hard-drive cover featuring Anna and Elsa. I mean, it would have definitely looked a lot nicer if it was frosty white with blue engravings on it.

Furthermore, the regular Playstation 4 costs around ¥40,000 in Japan, and I don’t see the worth of additional ¥3,000 in this package.

Sony Playstation 4 was officially launched in Japan on Feb. 22, 2014 and rose to the top of the best sellers’ charts on Amazon’s local outlets.

The console managed to sell around 322,083 units in just two days which was a huge improvement over its predecessor, Playstation 3.

Take a look at the image of newly announced Playstation 4 ‘Frozen’ Limited Edition above and let us know of your impressions!

And I almost forgot, the console is also available for pre-order at Sony’s Japan Store.

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