Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Release Date Revealed Along with a New Trailer

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has received a new trailer as well as the Japanese release date.

The trailer, which you can see above shows some new footage captured is actual gameplay showing encounters with some monsters like Damyo Hermitaur, Monoblos, Diablos and a lot more.

In the game, you will be facing some familiar foes as well as the new ones, who will make your journey in the game, a whole lot harder.

The video ends, as we get a look at a brand new gold scaled monster giving a hefty beating to the hunter. This is the same hunter that was revealed in the previous trailer of the game.

Accompanying the trailer is a release date for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which is scheduled to arrive on 11th of October later this year.

However, do note that this release date is only for the consumers living in Japan, while the western players will have to wait a bit, as they will be getting their hands on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the first quarter of 2015.

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