Hey, Heroes & Generals Is Still A Thing On Steam

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

We had almost forgotten about it, but Heroes & Generals is now a part of Steam. It launched today through Early Access and it’s totally free as well.

Originally, the shooter appeared back in 2011, as one of the least conventional games pushed by publisher Square Enix at the time. It was even plugged through the company’s Core Online free-to-play portal, before it got quietly shut down.

Still, business as usual kept going for Heroes & Generals and its first-person shooter set during the second World War is now available on Steam. It was already fairly functional when we had our hands on it in 2012, so it’s bound to be even slicker now.

For the Early Access release, however, it looks like developer Reto-Moto is going the self-publishing route. Their company is made up of ex-IO Interactive members, who founded their own grouping when Eidos was bought, all those years ago.

As the name suggests, Heroes & Generals has two parts in the game. In the most straightforward portion, players are a soldier on either side of the battlefield, which comes with different loadouts.

Additionally, it’s possible to manage the map as a General. You can do so by using the Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command companion app on iOS and Android.

Heroes & Generals is like a version of Red Orchestra, for those who need a reference point. It doesn’t exactly have the same degree of hardcore realism, but it can be pretty daunting to gain ground sometimes.

Another pin the game can put on its collar is that it was part of the original 10 first games to be approved through Steam Greenlight. It was joined by such titles as Kenshi, Towns and Project Zomboid.

There’s a download size of approximately 1.2Gb to get playing for free.

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