Free PS3 Ace Combat Infinity Gets A Million Downloads

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

It looks like Ace Combat Infinity is off to a flying start, as the free-to-play title has exceeded a million downloads in under two months’ time. That justifies an air-related pun.

To commemorate its successful launch, publisher Bandai Namco will offer a free aircraft to those who log in to their game, from now until July 31, 2014. If you boot up the game, you’ll be able to find a Mirage 2000-5 – White Tiger waiting for you.

Ok, she’s not really a looker, but the striped paintjob is probably less important than its statistics, balanced for both air and ground battles. An extra plane is always appreciated, since this is a freemium title.

As such, Ace Combat Infinity makes use of an unlocking progression model, as players put in time into missions and battles. After each round, you receive an amount of experience that can grant access to a new branch in an elaborate content tree of parts, paintjobs and so on.

To diversify content, Ace Combat Infinity has both singleplayer objectives as a cooperative game mode. In the latter, it’s possible to take on giant airships for that extra sense of grandeur.

Naturally, there’s also a competitive aspect to the game. In multiplayer, it’s possible to perform dogfights in teams, also fighting for some objectives, such as destroying ground structures.

Ace Combat Infinity is the first in the franchise to be translated to free-to-play, after the disappointing Ace Combat: Assault Horizon from 2011 sort of eclipsed it off the map. Still, it’s not the first transition publisher Bandai Namco made.

There are also free versions of Tekken, Soul Calibur and Ridge Racer, with more titles to come. It’s a brand new day for the freemium model.

Ace Combat Infinity is a Playstation 3 exclusive, making its million downloads even more impressive, given its bound to one platform.

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