Fable Legends is Going to be Full of Dialogues, 3000 for Every Hero

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

Fable Legends was announced on August 20 last year and since then fans of the series have been eager to find out what the game is going to offer.

To your contentment, the developers of the game have confirmed that the game is going to be narrative rich and also that there is going to be an ample amount of chattering between the different characters of the game.

Andrew Walsh, who is the writer of Fable Legends at Lionhead Studios was recently talking about the story of the game and thankfully confirmed that you will be able to experience an ‘overarching narrative’ when playing the game on your Xbox One.

He said that the game is going to feature all the conventional elements of Fable narrative for you. This includes talking non playable characters, ‘ridiculous villages’ and the ‘story book fresco feel’ that all the previous titles in the Fable series have been loved for.

He further confirmed that the game will also have ‘this narrative discovery system where any hero has their own personality and has 3,000 lines of dialogue, filling this whole world up with this contextual system’ and he went on ‘[Your hero] will always say something appropriate to what you’re doing. Each hero will have different things to say about what is happening to you.’

Fable Legends is being developed for the Xbox One using Unreal Engine 4. So far the game has not received any scheduled release date but a beta phase is expected to be unveiled sometime later this year.

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