Destiny Gameplay Trailer Shows Blind Watch, a New Location on Mars

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

Up until now, Bungie has showcased two locations that are going to be featured in the upcoming beta phase. However, a new Destiny gameplay trailer has been released that reveals a third location.

It is called Blind Watch and is located on Mars where you will be able to bring your skills to test in Crucible mode. This is the player vs. player competitive multiplayer that Destiny has. You might have seen this location in screenshots previously as one that originally hinted at a Mars location.

Not to forget, the eight and a half minute long trailer also shows you how the competitive multiplayer mode will play out in the game once the beta phase starts.

The other two locations that we already know of are Rusted Lands and Shores of Time, a newly revealed map.

You may check out the Destiny gameplay trailer above until you wait for the beta to be unleashed onto PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 on July 17 or Xbox 360 and Xbox One on July 23. The full game will be released on September 9 this year. Gear up!

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