Homefront: The Revolution Has ‘Big, Big, Big’ World Divided in Three Zones

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

Yes, Crytek UK isn’t totally down and out despite rumors to the contrary. They still have a game at their hands and apparently, they are really excited about it.

What’s more the developer has shared some more details about Homefront: The Revolution – probably to assure us that everything at their studio isn’t as bad as the condition of their employees’ salary payments.

Enough of the cynicism; coming back to the open world first person shooter, the game producer Fasahat Salim has dropped some information about it.

First off, he explained how taking over the game after THQ had benefitted them and the project.

He says that back then it was just a ‘level to level first person shooter’ but once ‘[they] acquired the IP it allowed [them] to take the shackles off. [They] could go as big as wanted to. The thing [they] wanted to do was create a big free-roaming world.’

Salim, a young Pakistani also doesn’t see the game as a direct sequel to the 2011 Homefront game:

We don’t see this as a sequel per se. We see it as a completely different game but we have used that universe because we felt that it was very interesting and unique. If it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t have had this focus on guerrilla warfare. We looked at what Homefront did good, we know a lot of people enjoyed it and it resonated with a lot of players.

So what else is good about Homefront: The Revolution? According to Salim, the world is ‘big, big, big’ although broken into three zones and also, there aren’t going to be any load screens between the shifts.

Recently, the name of Crytek has been in hot waters due to rumors and alleged reports about numerous employees who quit their jobs, delayed salaries, the cancellation of Ryse: Son of Rome Sequel and even the company’s bankruptcy.

It will be interesting to see how much they are really affected by all this and what impact would that have on Homefront The Revolution.

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