Cortana Picks Germany to Win FIFA World Cup 2014

By   /   Jul 11, 2014

Cortana, who has become quite a popular figure among the Halo community since making its appearance in the popular video game series, has been predicting pretty accurately, the results of FIFA World Cup 2014 elimination round so far.

Now, the final is coming up this Sunday, and Cortana has picked Germany as favorites to be crowned the World Champions against Argentina.

This AI respondent from Microsoft gives quite a calculated answer, as it takes into account the home ground factor, pitch and weather for that day and players that are in good form.

Here are few of the responses that Cortana gave when asked about the outcome of the upcoming World Cup Final:

  • It’s too early to say for sure, but I’d give Germany the edge over Argentina.
  • Germany seems to have a slight edge. But don’t card me if I’m wrong
  • Probably Germany. But you never known what can happen in the beautiful game…

Moreover, Cortana predicted that Brazil will win the third place match against Holland, which is going to take place tomorrow night.

Cortana has yet to make a wrong decision in this World Cup’s elimination rounds, but will she be able to keep her record till Sunday night? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Who are you rooting for in the World Cup Final, come Sunday?

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