Xbox One Preorders Start for China on July 31, Price Still Unknown

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

July 31 will mark the beginning of the first ever official launch of a console in Mainland China in over a decade. Although Xbox One is slated for a release in the Chinese territories in September 2014, July 31 is when the preorders commence.

A Chinese online retailer JingDong has put up a banner on the website in an attempt to market the console. It is written on the promotional image (see it below) that they will start accepting Xbox One preorders from July 31.

However, even with just a couple of weeks left in that, the official price of the console is still a mystery.

Even the retailer in question is using that to promote the product by asking the customers to guess what the official price of Xbox One will be in China.

The price options that you can choose from range from as low as RMB 3299, which is equivalent to $530 all the way up to RMB 4999, which roughly amounts to $806.

In the past there have been at least two incidences when the price of the console was rumored to hover around the $800 marker.

If that is true, JingDong surely need to work a lot on their marketing schemes.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has kept quiet over the matter and the only statement received from them was back in May when they asked us to wait for product and pricing details until later this year.

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Xbox One is reaching China ahead of competitor PlayStation 4, do you think Microsoft will be able win over the hearts of the people of country?

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