Shotgun in Bloodborne Will Act Like a Parrying Shield

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

Right off the bat, longtime fans of From Software and its developed games will notice considerable differences between the studio’s upcoming game, Bloodborne and previous titles like Dark Souls.

Inclusion of weapons like a shotgun – which is also depicted on the game’s official cover art – has raised many concerns regarding the game’s mechanics and combat system.

Courtesy of Edge Magazine’s latest issue, we have some tidbits regarding the gameplay and how weapons affect it!

Edge Magazine notes that players can shoot an enemy before the axe attack for a cancellation animation which leads to stunning the foe. This whole scenario makes room for the follow-up attack and by pressing R1; players can perform a two-hit combo which deals significant amount of damage.

From what is given, it can be inferred that the shotgun would be used as a parrying shield. However, From Software has confirmed that Bloodborne will feature a fast-paced gameplay style so it is highly unlikely that player will be able to parry every attack.

Speaking of inclusion of weapons in the game, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki stated that the studio wanted to shift the combat system to a more active one, unlike Demon’s Souls.

We were already thinking of a shift to a combat system where you would enter battle more actively than the sword and shield-based combat of Demon’s [Souls].

Coming exclusively for Playstation 4, Bloodborne is expected to launch somewhere in spring, 2015.

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