Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Getting Military Styled Kryptek Camos

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will feature Weapon/Soldier Camo (Patterns) by Kryptek, the camo designer has announced on its official website.

The feature image alongside the announcement shows six distinctive Camo Patterns – Nomad, Highlander, Mandrake, Yeti, Raid, and Typhoon –, but it is unclear which of these will make it to the game. Check out all the designs below:

Kryptek Camos

Those of you wondering what Kryptek is, here’s their brief mission statement:

Kryptek provides combat proven features and designs in ultra high-performance technical and tactical outdoor adventure apparel. Kryptek products are continuously tested and proven in austere combat environments and extreme hunting conditions. Constant improvement and feedback is implemented into future designs with the end-goal of providing our products to outdoor adventurers who demand the utmost in quality and overall performance in their gear.

Weapon/Soldier Camo have always been an integral part of Call of Duty multiplayer, offering players a wide range of challenges to complete in order to earn them.

However, military style camos are becoming a thing of the past these days, with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II featuring camos like space, etc.

This is certainly a welcome addition since Call of Duty rival shooter Battlefield franchise has always had military styled camo.

Source: Kryptek

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