Half-Life 3 Suspicious Kickstarter Launched and Then Cancelled

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

Yesterday saw a Christopher James Butler of Chatham, UK initiate a Kickstarter page for Half-Life 3, only to cancel the campaign 14 hours later.

In the wake of the recent Potato Salad campaign, I reckon there must be many out there who now have ideas of making a quick buck through the crowd-funding site. In this case Butler probably thought that using the prestigious name of Half-Life would perhaps skyrocket his backers’ numbers through the roof.

Unfortunately for him, his questionable background didn’t allow him to jump into the spotlight. He claims to have had worked for both EA and Valve, but there are no references on his page to back his statements. The entire page also seems to have been done in a hurry, with relatively no details on their plans or how they want to tackle the project.

According to the minimal information that is on the Kickstarter page, Butler has a team of 6-people with whom he can create and deliver an alpha version of Half-Life 3 to backers in about 10 months. Certainly a short time for one of the most anticipated games of all time.

Butler pledged £1,500 for the entire Kickstarter which is even more suspicious. He claims that the figure is enough, which I highly doubt. Additionally Valve owns all rights to Half-Life so it’s highly unlikely that he would had ended up creating anything, even if his intentions were true.

The Kickstarter page is still live but since it’s end, you cannot donate to it. Butler later on came back to provide a little bit of explanation so as to win everyone’s trust. He said that the game won’t have the Half-Life 3 name or concept, but will still be the game. I don’t think anyone’s buying that either Butler.

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