H1Z1 Early Access; Sony Says They are ‘Getting There’

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

Yesterday we told you that H1Z1 might have a world as large as the United States itself. Just like me, I think it might have urged you to find out when the game will be playable. That brings us to the H1Z1 early access, and this interview with a developer of the game who says that they are ‘getting there’ with the early access.

Senior designer for the game at Sony Online Entertainment, Jimmy Whisenhunt talked about their plan of action regarding the future of the game in an interview where he said:

We’re still pushing forward. We still have systems we want to flesh out and we’re trying to show as much as we can as we move forward. Weather has been on that list for a long time, because we want players to get a taste of a system that the game will eventually have. We’re getting there. We’re still shooting towards giving everyone that vertical slice.

Ensuring that everyone who participates in H1Z1 early access gets a real feeling of the systems that the game is going to have is the overall goal of the developers at SOE. They are going to be trying their best to add a taste of each system so that it can be built upon alongside the early access.

Whisenhunt said that they are aiming for a stage when the players know what to expect and then they can ‘listen to Reddit and Twitter, but until they get a taste of that system it’s hard to take the opinion to heart.’

We have known since last month that the game will be playable through Steam but so far the H1Z1 Early Access has not received a date. Let’s hope that they can build up those features soon so that we can get our hands on the game.

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