Free Sonic Jump Fever Out Now On iOS And Android

There may not be a lot of big games releases during the summer, but with Sonic Jump Fever, publisher Sega does offer a new mobile game to keep busy. Moreover, this title is free on both its iOS version and on Android.

Download sizes vary, but you shouldn’t be out more than 100Mb to install the game. You may need to check the operating system requirements though, as the Android version does require 4.0 or better, for instance.

Still, you do get a shiny presentation for your trouble. Sonic Jump Fever is played in vertical mode, with a cartoon character leaping ever higher in firmly modeled environments.

Its control scheme may not be everyone’s game though, as Sonic Jump Fever controls solely through tilt mechanisms to steer. Aside from that, it’s possible to tap to perform higher jumps.

During the game, you’ll periodically receive a giant boost that spears you upward. In this short burst, you’ll be tasked with collecting as many rings as possible.

Other than gaps, obstacles in the game include a variety of enemies. These have to be hit from below, which is a little unconventional towards the rest of the Sonic legacy.

There are also some pickups scattered throughout the level and animals trapped in cages as well. At the end of each stage, little creatures can be flung in an ascending balloon to gain more points.

Sonic Jump Fever is geared towards leaderboard score attack gameplay. There’s an emphasis on connecting with friends and beating their score.

While Sonic Jump Fever is free, there are monetization factors in the game. These include booster items, character upgrades and so on.

Sonic Jump Fever is the follow-up to Sonic Jump, which released as a paying model in 2012. In previous news, Sega announced that it had indefinitely dropped the price on the mobile version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.