Far Cry 4 Map is Not Bigger Than Far Cry 3 But is Denser, Says Ubisoft

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

Ajay Ghale returns to Kyrat with his mother’s ashes but it is Pagan Min who he is going to be stuck with. The introductory trailer of the game itself was enough to entice me towards the game. However, the Far Cry 4 map size is something that might raise some eyebrows.

Alex Hutchinson, the game director for Far Cry 4 at Ubisoft was discussing the game recently in a podcast where he revealed that the size of the Far Cry 4 map was going to be the same as its predecessor, Far Cry 3 because the developers were focusing more on the liveliness of the map and not the size of the area that can be explored:

“With Far Cry 4, we felt that the map size for [Far Cry 3] was really good. Maybe you can even go slightly smaller. And instead of going bigger area, we would focus on density. So for me, it was try [sic] to pack in more events where you come across NPCs, more events where you come across enemies doing unusual stuff.”

Hutchinson did agree that a bigger open world is always lucrative and desired simple because it is ‘cooler,’ you know, more space means more things to do and so on. However, the preference of the developers was different and even after considering the option, they decided to go with a denser world instead of a larger one.

So tell us, when the game comes out on November 18 (November 20 for Australia), would you be fine with the size of the Far Cry 4 map?

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