Destiny’s Installation Size is Going to be 40GB on Your PS4

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

Bungie’s online multiplayer first person shooter is slated for a release in two months’ time, but do you have enough space in your hard drive to accommodate it? We now know Destiny’s installation size, and it is going to be nothing less than a 40GB chunk of your PlayStation 4.

Why I am not surprised? Because after seeing the intricacy, detail and impressiveness of the game’s world it was only expected that a truly next gen game like destiny would take up that much of the storage space on a console.

The information came out through the Sony Online Entertainment Store listing for the game where they are saying that for Destiny Digital Guardian Edition ‘40 GB hard drive storage (or its equivalent) is required,’ and that ‘additional storage may be required for some updates and features.’

That being said, the listing clarifies that the ‘storage requirements [are] subject to change,’ which means there could be slight differences based on what we finally get.

Last but not the least; this is Destiny’s installation size requirement for Sony’s new console. Arguably the requirement for Xbox One would be comparable. However, it is unclear if the same can be said for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game.

Destiny’s installation size requirement of 40GB will have other aspects that need clarifying in the future too. For instance, we are not sure how much does it rely on cloud support, is the single player campaign included in this and so on. The game hits the racks on September 9.

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