Destiny Beta Codes Will be Sent to All on the Day of Launch

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

Bungie has offered a little update on the Destiny beta codes that will be distributed soon across all the various consoles involved.

According to its Twitter account, the codes will be sent via email or profiles on the same day when the beta begins on the consoles. That means that PS3 and PS4 players should be receiving their beta codes on July 17; while the Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will get theirs via the same method on July 23.

A reminder to all that those who play the beta on all the systems on July 26, the day before it ends, will unlock a special bonus when the game officially launches later this year.

Yesterday Bungie detailed the Vanguard Armory, a pre-order incentive which features nine weapons, a helmet for each class and the ‘Vanguard Honor’ player emblem.

“High above the City, in the Hall of Guardians, The Vanguard keep watch over Guardians in the wild, arming the best warriors with the upgraded weapons they need to destroy our most dangerous enemies,” reads the bundle’s official blurb.

The bundle will be available day one to all who purchase a copy now and is present for all platforms.

Destiny will officially launch on September 9 and is a highly anticipated release this year. Analysts already believe that the futuristic shooter with RPG elements will be the biggest seller of the year and may end up rivaling the sale figures of Grand Theft Auto V.

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