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Battlefield Hardline Beta Stats: $9 Trillion in Loot, 12M Vehicles Destructions & More

battlefield hardline
Battlefield Hardline Beta has been in full flow of recent. How much of your time and energies have you been investing into it was still unknown though.

However, Visceral Games have piled up some of the defining statistics for the beta phase of their war on crime based first person shooter and shared them with us.

The amount of robberies managed, and the level of havoc raised by the players has been huge, let us give you a detailed round up.

As far as the total amount of loot grabbed in Blood Money is concerned, it went up to the tunes of $9 Trillion! That is eight times more than the money in circulation in the US currently!

Number of vehicles destroyed has been an overwhelming; 12,885,710 cars, trucks, helicopters, bikes and jeeps were destroyed. If you convert that in to real-life money using the average price of a car, you will see that the total damage was well around $374 Trillion!

In total, 1,651,075 heist break-ins were initiated and out of them, the average success rate of the break-ins was 50 percent. Last but not the least 332,091 police interrogations were held.

Damn! These folks aren’t event talking about anything other than trillions!

If all this excited you to try your Grand Theft Auto gangsta in Battlefield Hardline, you will be able to do so on October 21, 2014 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One.