Battlefield 4 Battlefest Kicks Off on July 12, Are You Ready?

By   /   Jul 10, 2014

Electronic Arts and DICE have detailed Battlefield 4 Battlefest which is done in an effort to give community something in return as a token of appreciation.

Battlefield 4 Battlefest is a festival filled with in-game activities and loads of prizes to win:

[Battlefest] is a festival built for gamers, specifically Battlefield 4, filled with weekly rewards, contests and in-game content. It’s a fun way to give back to our community and say thanks, while doing some cool things in the game. Not to mention, there will be tons of prizes, including graphics cards and three gaming PCs.

The event will kick off on Jul. 12, 2014 with a Double XP bonus for all players until Jul. 13. In addition to the Double XP, players will also be able to participate in an event called “Battleshots” which revolves around taking in-game screenshots based on various themes. The winner of “Battleshots” will get an AMD GPU, $50 gift card to the DICE store, and a Battlefield 4 premium membership on any platform.

Moreover, throughout the course of Battlefield 4 Battlefest, players will get their hands on free weapon camos, each week.

Along with this, each week will have a brand new Community Mission to reach a specific in-game goal. Successfully reaching the goal will entitle players for a free Gold Battlepack. The first Community Mission is slated to kick off on Jul. 15, 2014, requiring players to reach 15 million revives across all platforms with the mission ending on Jul. 20, 2104.

Lastly, players will take part in a month-long competition revolving around sending in their best stunt videos to DICE. The DICE team will pick out 12 best videos followed by community voting. The top three contenders will receive massive prizes.

For complete details on Battlefield 4 Battlefest, check out the Official Rules and Regulations!

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