WiMi5 is a New Cloud Based HTML5 Game Platform

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Amateur game developers are going to be happy to know that there is a new opportunity for them now. A Spanish startup named WiMi5 has launched an HTML5 cloud based video game platform that would make it much easier for you to make games in the language.

Raúl Otaolea the chief executive officer of WiMi5, a Spanish startup believes that introducing such a platform would enable them to even up the creation of cross-platform casual games.

With the help of the unlocked potential that HTML5 has, WiMi5 could revolutionize the creation of casual gaming.

This is so because the cloud based platform will introduce an even simpler way for the developers to build a game and then get it published to multiple websites of relevance and finally manage to pull off a potential source of revenue that would be much more reliable.

All this would happen in ‘three easy steps.’

Otaolea further emphasized that their team has been putting in days and nights ‘on HTML5 design for years, we wanted to create a tool that would make it easy for independent developers and brands to create elegant, fun and consistent casual game content for rapidly growing web and mobile audiences.’

According to the company, the only benefit, it brings isn’t that it will reduce the time consumed on making the games; in fact, they are boasting that no prior programming knowledge is required for using the service.

The games will run on any browser or iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.

For more information or signing up to the initial beta visit the official website of WiMi5.

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