Warmachine: Tactics Goes Warhammer On Early Access Today

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Developer Privateer Press Interactive announced that Warmachine: Tactics is ready for its public appearance and will land on Steam through Early Access today, July 9. Two guesses on what type of game it is.

If you guessed that Warmachine: Tactics is a turn-based strategy game played on a grid, then good job on distilling one of two words. You’ll manage a team of units, each with their own strengths and movement range, indicated by a tile model.

Warmachine: Tactics is also pretty straightforward in its main title term. Units can be made up of huge metal contraptions, encasing soldiers in giant iron armor.

Aside from bulky tanks, the game also houses some magical elements with spell-casting wizards. In the Early Access build, two factions will be available in multiplayer combat.

You’ll be allotted a certain amount of points to build a squad from scratch. After combat is over, your team will be awarded with experience.

Warmachine: Tactics has a high fantasy setting, but with a slightly grittier overtone. Its shaded visuals of steampunk scrap metal will make it feel right at home for Warhammer fans.

In fact, the Warmachine series has its roots in tabletop figurines, with similar art style as Games Workshop’s main franchise. You can almost smell the hand-painted plastics.

There’s already a ton of support for Warmachine: Tactics, which should assure its success. In August of last year, the project managed to gather $1.5 million through Kickstarter, from just shy under 20,000 backers.

Privateer Press Interactive noted that it made it to the Top 40 of successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Strangely enough, the game’s basic purchase price was a $20 contribution there, but the Early Access version is said to cost $65. That is the Beta tier of the campaign, but Warmachine had a separate Beta cycle for that already.

In the upselling way, Warmachine: Tactics is just like Warhammer figurines as well.

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