Team Fortress 2 Gets Mann Co Beta Maps Early Access

Team Fortress 2 has received a new update, and aside from usual bug fixes, it adds two new beta maps in the game.

The first map, called Cactus Canyon is a two-stage Payload Map with various points for the Blu Team to capture. The second map is dubbed as Asteroid and is designed for a new game mode called Robot Destruction.

Your task in Robot Destruction is to kill the enemy robots inside their base and collect a total of 300 Power Cores, which will drop from fallen robots.

These robots are divided across three categories with the last tier dropping in the maximum amount of Power Cores. However, players must kill the lower tier before moving on to the higher tiers; until the lower-tiered, ones are alive, higher-tiered will remain invincible.

This is not it!

The game mode also has a CTF touch to it. All your collected Power Cores are accumulated at your Home Base, and enemies can get there to steal them. Therefore, players are encouraged to kill enemy robots as well as protect their Power Cores.

Since the maps are currently in beta phase, Valve has announced that players will face a lot of changing in the maps and game rules:

Yes. There will be times when a change will be needed. That change may be as small as moving a health kit to a different room or it may be a larger change, such as reworking an entire section of the layout.

To try out the newly released maps, click on ‘Play Multiplayer’ and enable Play Beta Maps check-box.