Star Citizen Dev Explains How They Are Investigating Multiplayer Lag

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

A month into the release of Arena Commander, Star Citizen is now plagued with multiplayer issues that is hampering the quality of the space simulator.

Patch 12.4 seems to be the culprit, after which players started reporting lag and rubber-banding issues. Rubber-banding much like lag is an immense delay where after a few seconds you’re pulled back to your initial starting position. As you can imagine, it’s a very annoying problem.

Then again, Star Citizen is still in its alpha and hence it’s normal to see such issues. Cloud Imperium Games is currently working around the clock in search of a remedy. However, first they must find out what exactly is causing the immense lag.

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts posted details of their investigation process behind the issue and clarified to fans on how they are approaching the problem.

The problem also started when the group of Arena Commander participants was increased beyond the initial 60,000-player threshold. Hence, it could also be that the servers are not stable enough to carry all that load.

“Like doctors trying to identify a mysterious illness, we looked for common environmental factors,” Roberts wrote. “Was there a significant geographic distance between players? Surprisingly, no: in many cases, players with almost no latency between them were still having issues. The team moved on to examining our own code.”

He goes on to explain how CIG translates potential problems into JIRA tasks and assigns them to engineers who are responsible for repairs prior to the next patch.

You can read the entire post by heading to the official website.

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