Shadow Warrior Lands on PS4 and Xbox One This Autumn

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Developer Flying Wild Hog has confirmed that the Shadow Warrior reboot will launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this autumn.

In an interview with GamingBolt, the developer also confirmed that the game runs in glorious 1080p on the PlayStation 4 while the Xbox One version’s output is in 900p. Both versions though run at a constant 60 fps.

“Shadow Warrior is a fast paced game, so it was very important to have 60 fps,” said lead engineer programmer Krzysztof Narkowicz­.

He continued by explaining that they did not want to cut any graphic features just to maintain that fps count. Hence on the Xbox One they decided on going with 900p instead.

The game’s development though also faced some challenges on the PlayStation 4 in order to achieve 1080p. Narkowicz said, “Mainly CPU issues, as our engine didn’t scale for more than 2­-4 cores. This required a change of threading architecture and many parts of the engine needed a rewrite.”

Flying Wild Hog also stated that there is no difference between the PC and console versions. Reboots usually tend to feature additional content but Shadow Warrior has none.

Originally released for the PC last summer, Shadow Warrior will also be available in digital format for the consoles at a price of $39.99. It’s good to see that a reboot gets to be sold a bit cheaper than most new console games.

Shadow Warrior is yet another addition to the ever growing list of titles that output a higher resolution on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One. With the recent uncoupling of Kinect from the console, Microsoft has claimed that developers will now have access to even more graphical memory to deal with.

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