Strategy Game Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons Announced

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Publisher Kasedo Games announced a new partnership with developer Camel 101 to bring Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons to PC by the end of the year. It’s a real-time strategy (RTS) game in a futuristic sci-fi setting, which isn’t exactly original.

There’s some exposition about leading the Black Tallons and fighting against the Tzanar Union on some planet that’s been invaded. What you need to remember is that one side is good and the other is bad.

Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons makes use of differing units, from regular grunts to huge battle mechs. What’s interesting about the game is that squads are noted as being persistent and customizable.

Unit classes have their own specialized traits, with skill trees and everything. Same thing is somewhat true for base building elements, though every self-respecting RTS game should have a robust builder section.

Furthering the roleplaying aspects of Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons, the campaign mode is said to leave an impact on progression as games are played. You’ll be able to grow out relations with factions for unique units of mission modifiers.

There’s a trailer that comes with the announcement. It shows a traditional darker, metallic tone and lots of explosions. That’s the warfare element set.

Developer Camel 101 is mostly known for their work on Gemini Wars, one of Iceberg Interactive’s budding titles as a strategy expert. It’s a bit on the stale side, but it does have sound tactical elements, so that’s a good sign.

Kasedo Games is a budget label from overarching company Kalypso Media, known from the Tropico series. Therefore, it’s likely that Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons will have an attainable price when it launches.

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