Oddworld: New n’ Tasty Pre-Order For PS4 Gives PS3 and PS Vita For Free

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Oddworld: New n’ Tasty is now up for pre-order from PSN store, with full release of the game happening on 22nd of July, only on PlayStation 4.

However, pre-ordering the game will make you its owner on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita as well. Sony states on the game’s page:

PS3 and PS Vita versions to follow soon via CrossBuy. Purchasing this content entitles you to both the PS3 and PS Vita versions for free when they launch.

If you are interested in purchasing the game, do note wait, pre-order it right now and play it on whatever Sony’s console that you own at this very moment.

In Oddworld: New n’ Tasty, players are put in the shoes of a Mudokon Abe, who will be able to interact with other Mudokon in the game, as Abe has the ability to talk with the game’s enhanced system.

Moreover, Abe has a couple of very interesting abilities – he can possess some types of enemies, which can be utilized to your favor. Other ability of Abe is to taunt his opponents, which will come in handy as you play through the game.

Also, just like the original title, the game will be a side scrolling platformer with more focus on the puzzle solving.

Oddworld: New n’ Tasty will be available on PSN starting 22nd July, and after that it will make its way to Xbox One, Wii U and PC.

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