Next Hot Shots Golf Game under Development Probably for PS4

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

It all started a few days ago when Clap Hanz, the developer of Hot Shots Golf series posted a couple of images for what could only be the next Hot Shots Golf game on to their Twitter profile.

The images were accompanied by a message urging developers to apply for job at the development studio as well as a Sony Computer Entertainment copyright notice.

Clap Hanz has been silent since the release of Everybody’s Golf 6 aka Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational in 2012. Now, although they haven’t confirmed anything about the next Hot Shots Golf game the two images were enough of the evidence. Not to forget that this series is pretty much everything that they have worked on ever since Hot Shots Golf 2.

As far as the speculation regarding a PS4 version is concerned, the job opportunity ads that they put up on their Twitter lead to their website. There is one opening relating to a Programmer which clearly reveals that the new appointee will be working on a golf game.

Among that and the other job openings, the developers mention 3D Model creation tools like Maya, Zbrush and Mudbox. People with a technical background would know that these tools are usually used for development on PS4.

The job opening for Character Modeler states that the person will have to work with high and low polygon which is again something common to PS4 along with deformed characters.

Next Hot Shots Golf Game

Next Hot Shots Golf Game 2

Naturally, most of this is speculation and need not be taken for granted unless the developer confirms anything – I guess that would only be when the next Hot Shots Golf game is officially announced.

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