Lenna’s Inception Launches Procedurally Generated Zelda

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

There’s a new trailer out for Lenna’s Inception, joining the Beta release of the game. It also uses the “Early Access” term, which is apparently what everyone is now calling paid-for builds under development.

It’s not on Steam, in case you’re wondering. You can, however, score Lenna’s Inception for a low price of £2.99 on the developer’s site, which goes through itch.io.

In particular, Lenna’s Inception should be on your radar if you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda. In fact, the game looks way too much like a mixture of the original NES release and A Link to the Past.

So, expect a grand adventure across many different locations with familiar rocky formations and forests, with the use of equally reminiscent items. It may even have some of the same color schemes.

Lenna's Inception

Lenna's Inception

What sets Lenna’s Inception apart? Here’s the thing: Its adventurous world is procedurally generated, so you’ll have a fresh new universe every time.

Moreover, it uses some fancier boss fights, like a sprinting cat. We’re fans of the Pac-Man boss.

You’ll also be given the chance to have pets in Lenna’s Inception, which will fight on their own. Plus, the pixel art is really tight and cute, isn’t it?

Lenna’s Inception is being published by Chucklefish. That name will probably sound the most familiar for their success with Starbound, but they also released Risk of Rain and Wanderlust.

This is the second Legend of Zelda-inspired title we’ve seen launching on itch.io in a week. Prior to Lenna’s Inception, the Zelda II take of Shadowcrypt made its way there as well.

You’ve got some choice now!

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