H1Z1 Might Have a World as Large as USA in the Future

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

SOE is going to release another epidemic zombie apocalypse onto the gaming world in fall 2014. H1Z1 is going to be Sony’s flag bearer zombie survival MMO that will go up against the likes of DayZ and Rust.

So the developers were called in to talk about the game a bit more.

Adam Clegg who is a game designer for H1Z1 at Sony Online Entertainment talked about different aspects of the game but one that is pretty interesting is the size of the game world.

While the game will start in the middle America, Clegg says that he sees ‘the world of H1Z1 growing exponentially and at a very fast rate’ and that someday they ‘hope to have a world that resembles something as large as the United States.’

Not to mention how the crafting and overall exploration elements will keep expanding the game.

Talking about other similar games in the market he also discussed the possibility of over-saturation of zombie based games while totally disregarding any threat of that sort.

He has a solid reason for that too:

If people stopped making games of a specific genre for fear of oversaturation then there wouldn’t have been any 2D sidescrollers in the Nineties after Mario and Sonic.

As far as the release plans of H1Z1 are concerned, game is going to get a PlayStation 4 as well as a Microsoft Windows version that will be out in the market hopefully by the end of the year.

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