Game Developers Played a Major Role in Determining Playstation 4 Specs

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House has discussed technical specifications of Playstation 4 and how the company sorted out its priorities in making a console that offered both affordable price point and high-end specifications due to game developer’s demands.

During this morning’s keynote speech at Develop Conference 2014, Andrew House and Mark Cerny discussed internal decisions involved in making Playstation 4 and how they spent ‘Sleepless Nights’ in creating a consumer-friendly console.

Andrew House explained that philosophies which laid the foundation of Playstation 4 experience came with their past experiences with Playstation 3.

Sometimes these priorities were almost in conflict with each other. We absolutely wanted to build a platform with strong momentum out of the gate and that, from my point of view, necessitated a certain hardware price point and value proposition that could be more than just a niche market from the get-go.

Speaking of financial implications like whether or not the company wanted to include a hard drive was a difficult decision, Mark Cerny stated that they put a lot of time thinking about it and ended up including a hard drive in the console which cost them a billion dollars.

A similar dilemma popped up when thinking about RAM and choosing to go with 8 GB memory was another expensive venture. And all of this was done in an effort to ease the game developers and allowing players play the games like they were meant to be played:

Watch Dogs needed 15GB to be cached on a fast-moving medium like a hard drive. So decisions were made based on what developers were thinking of making.

Some of it was ease of game creation. We didn’t want developers worrying about how to shove data into a small amount of memory.

However, it certainly looks like the hard work has paid off since Sony has managed to sell around 7 million Playstation 4 units to date and is still going strong.

To show him some honor, Mark Cerny will be receiving the Development Legend award tonight.

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