Dragon Age Inquisition Has Atleast Eight Romance Options, New Tidbits Shared by Bioware

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Dragon Age Inquisition is probably the most anticipated action RPG at the moment, which is why there is always something new to be told about it. Although we have written so much about it already, the recently held Raptr Q&A session managed to pull in a bagful of new information.

The complete list of fan queries answered by BioWare is so extensive that it would take too long to jot down so we have picked up some of the cheesier bits and decided to share them with you.

Dragon Age games have been known for their romancing options; if you read up on what the devs have said, Dragon Age Inquisition will also have at least eight romances. Out of these, two are going to be race-restricted while one might include a character other than the advisors or companions.

That being said, Cullen and Cassandra are going to have a ‘straight’ romance option while Scribbles is probably going to have a bisexual romance.

Another interesting thing to do would be the ability to hug some of the party members – not all. This is the first time when a DA game is going to let you do that.

There are other additions to the interactions that can take place between the followers, for instance you will be able to talk to them when and wherever you want in the party base. You won’t be able to do so while everyone is in the middle of a battle, however.

BioWare dropped a shitload of tidbits other than this, for instance Human Inquisitor (who isn’t a mage) being of a noble background while Dwarven Inquisitor being surface dwarves; Qunari being bigger than humans and smaller than Iron Bull; absence of sliders for body shape customization and a lot more.

We suggest that you check out the complete Q&A session or this summary if you wish to know more about Dragon Age Inquisition.

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