Dota 2 The International 4 Survival Guide Part 3/3

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Heard about the biggest competition in the history of gaming but don’t know which team to root for? Don’t worry, SegmentNext has got you covered!

This is part three of the Survival Guide series, and it will cover the remaining teams: Mousesports, LGD, Empire, Arrow Gaming, Na’Vi.US and a short presentation on the 4 Runner-ups: MVP.Phoenix, Virtus.Pro, Team Liquid and CIS Game.

For part 1 go here. For part 2 go here.

The first day, the 8th of July will feature the 4 runner-ups battling it out for the final slot as well as the solo 1v1 Championship.

Watch all the action completely FREE through the Dota 2 Client OR by livestream provided by TwitchTV.

Last year, over 160 Pubstomps watched TI3 all over the world. This year Valve has announced that the biggest venues will be featured in the big stream in Seattle.

In case you want to host a gathering in your city, register over on the official Pubstomp site here.

Be sure to follow the official TI4 Instagram where Valve is showing a little of everything before the show even begins, you can see lots of cool stuff like the practice room, the player’s gear boxes, Alliance partying it out on a bus, and much much more.

Here are the final teams! Click on the players and team names for their respective Twitter pages:

Mouse Sports


From left to right:

Mousesports won the European Qualifier and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Pajkatt and Misery have a history together, having played for Counter Logic Gaming in TI2, then LGD.Int in TI3 and then Team Dog along with MSS, a few months before the qualifiers. This Team Dog was performing average, getting reasonable results against top teams but nothing special.

Dog then decided to team up with the best players of the ex-Sigma team, Fata and Pas. After they won the Qualifier, the organization Mousesports then decided to pick them up.

While they haven’t really achieved anything besides the qualifier, they’ve already protagonized some amazing plays such as this one.

Mousesports plays a really aggressive style, sometimes even one dimensional to the point that if they don’t win with the initial aggression, they flat out lose the game. Their favourite picks include Mirana, Wraith King, Troll Warlord, Brewmaster and Ancient Apparition.

LGD Dota 2


From left to right:

  • Wang “Rabbit” Zhang (Carry)
  • Xu “Lin” Ziyang (Solo Mid)
  • Yao “Yao” Zhengzheng (Offlane)
  • Xie “DD” Bin (Support)
  • Leong “ddc” Fatmeng (Support, Macao)

The Chinese Qualifier winners, LGD are a team who was placed 3rd in TI2, then severely underperformed at TI3 and it caused the team to suffer roster changes.

They’ve lost their captain xiao8 who is now playing for NewBee and their carry player Sylar who is now playing for Vici Gaming. They’ve trusted and added fresh blood to the scene by bringing in new talents Rabbit and Lin.

While these players are pretty new to the competitive scene, the experienced trio Yao, DD and ddc have been playing together for a long time so they still remain a powerful team, not to be underestimated.

LGD is probably the team that plays the most safest out of all teams. They are a team that will take little risks and heavily favor BKB, it’s not uncommon to see them have 4 BKB’s in a single game. Their favorite picks include Brewmaster, Viper, Invoker, Lifestealer and  Venomancer.

Empire Dota 2


From left to right:

This year’s russian team looks more promising than every russian team was in previous TI’s.

Empire this year had a very impressive undefeated run by going over 20 games without losing a single time! However, like every russian, Empire has had its ups and downs.

There is no style more aggressive than the one russians play and even if it’s filled mistakes, sometimes opponents crumble due to the shear pressure. This Empire seems to be more calculated so perhaps that’s why they enjoyed more success than their counterparts from Virtus.Pro.

They are known in the chat by the CYKAPOWER BOYS and their favorite picks include Puck, Storm Spirit, Dazzle, Shadow Demon and Weaver

Arrow Gaming

Arrow Gaming

From left to right:

  • Chiok “Xiangzaiii” Siang (Offlane)
  • Kok “ddz” Liong (Mid Solo)
  • Goh “Mozun” Jian (Support)
  • Fua “Lance” Lan (Carry)
  • Johnny “JoHnNy” Lee (Support)

Winners of the South East Asian Qualifier and the youngest average prodigy team around, Malaysian squad Arrow Gaming took the competitive scene by storm.

Since this year’s TI4 only has Titan and Arrow as the only SEA teams, they will have big shoes to fill and a huge player base to represent. They were in danger of not making it to Seattle due to their US visa application being rejected, but they are considered so important for their country that their own Ministry of Youth and Sports wrote a recommendation letter that got them the visas they need.

Just a curious fact, for a long period of time, the public Leaderboard of SEA’s top positions were held by Lance and ddz.

They haven’t played many games against other TI4 teams besides Titan so they might be holding their strategies. From the qualifiers and other small tournaments, Arrow likes to run heroes such as Treant Protector, Sand King, Enchantress, Slark and Tinker.


NaVi.US !

From left to right:

And the last team, previously known as North American Rejects and the winners of the American Qualifiers. They were recently picked up by the Na’Vi organization.

Even though they came out on top of the qualifiers with ease, this is a team that has struggled to get results. They haven’t won a single game in The Summit tournament, a total of 6 defeats and 0 victories in this tournament. 

However, by being a relatively new team, they said they’ve learned a lot with the experience and what it takes to play with the “big boys” and they kept practicing.

Brax and 1437 have already played together before in China, alongside mouse’s Pajkatt and Misery for TI3 on LGD.Int.

Like Arrow, they had little amount of action so it’s hard to comment on their style and what they will come up with at TI4, however their most picked heroes include Mirana, Shadow Demon, Clockwerk, Io and Sand King.

Now for the runner-ups that will be battling right on the first day for the last 16th slot

MVP.Phoenix – The South Korean team that almost no one would guess that would come through just behind Arrow. They like to play lots of unusual heroes such as Death Prophet and Warlock so they are definitely a team that can surprise.

Team Liquid – American team well known. They’ve been struggling so hard but even so they are considered favorites by most people. One of their players, Demon is a fan favorite that always puts a show with his goofy plays.

CIS Game – Chinese team with a twist. Previous Mousesports German player Black is their carry. While they struggle against the top Chinese teams they are still a very strong force, especially considering their young average age.

Virtus.Pro – The russian team with lots of familiar faces from TI3 and TI2. Even if they are veterans they have been struggling so hard that some people favored the now disbanded Rox.kis to qualify instead of them.

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