Bloodborne Release in Early 2015, Playable at Gamescom

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

Did you watch the E3 trailer for Bloodborne? If you did, I am sure you would be wondering how soon you could get your hands on the game. Let us tell you that although it is going to be next year, but it will be ‘early’.

Recently, an event was held by PlayStation in London where From Software discussed their plans for the upcoming gothic action adventure.

During the conversation, producer for Bloodborne at From Software, Jun Yoshino said that they are ‘really working flat out to get this game out for early 2015.’

He then went on to confirm that those of you who are interested in getting to play the game as soon as possible are going to get the first chance at the next Gamescom Conference.

So there is going to be the ‘first hands-on demo on pods on the showfloor’ come August 14, 2014. However, there could be other events that From Software will travel to with a playable version of the game.

Bloodborne is PlayStation 4 exclusive title that was officially announced during this year’s E3 media briefing of Sony. It was previously being worked on under the name Project Beast for which a couple of screenshots were also leaked.

The game plays out in a Victorian setting in a fictional city of Yharnam that has been overrun by cursed creatures. The protagonist is a traveler who has come to the city and is now tasked with ridding it of the monsters.

If you see the initial gameplay trailer, the game’s DNA resembles a lot to Demon Souls and the two games were initially expected to be related. This was however nullified by director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

We have our fingers crossed for a worthy challenge in the shape of Bloodborne, do you?

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