What Do You Think Of The Alien: Isolation 1979 Movie Preorder DLC?

By   /   Jul 9, 2014

In a rather shocking revelation, publisher Sega announced some memorable preorder bonuses for Alien: Isolation. Those who opt-in early will receive content that reunited the original cast of the 1979 Ridley Scott classic movie.

Dubbed the Nostromo Edition, the preorder version of Alien: Isolation will include downloadable content (DLC), called Crew Expendable. It not only uses the likeness of the original cast member, but also has the actual actors lend their voices.

Here’s a list of the crew members you’ll be able to see and play in the extra DLC:

  • Sigourney Weaver – Ellen Ripley
  • Tom Skerritt – Dallas
  • Veronica Cartwright – Lambert
  • Harry Dean Stanton – Brett
  • Yaphet Kotto – Parker
  • Ian Holm – Ash

For some of the actors, it’s the first time they’ve ever appeared in an Aliens game. With that, Sega beats its previous endeavor of Aliens: Colonial Marines, where Michael Biehn reprised a role for Hicks and reportedly hated it.

In one mission, players will be able to choose between Ripley, Dallas or Parker. They’ll be led by Lambert and Ash, as they try to lure the alien to the airlocks.

Moreover, some preorder channels will grant access to the Last Survivor DLC. In this mission, Ripley tries to escape the Narcissus by getting to the self-destruct sequence, before returning to an escape pod.

Admittedly, this is a great amount of content coming for Alien: Isolation. It is, however, sort of a hostage situation, bartering with fans over something that is absolutely meant as fan service.

Some reports, like Metro, are overjoyed about the mere existence of the content, while others lament the shady trickery Sega resorts to, in order to lock in an audience to the game.

So, we’re opening this one up to you.

What do you think of the Alien: Isolation preorder DLC announcement? Is this finally worthwhile preorder content or just a cheap tactic to swindle you out of your money early?

Let us know in the comments.

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