The Sims 4 Receiving Create-A-Sim Demo Later This Summer

By   /   Jul 8, 2014

Maxis has revealed that Create A Sim demo of its upcoming title, The Sims 4 will be available for everyone to try out later this summer.

Currently, it is being given out to small number of people to test, so that developer can solve any issue before it is made available to public.

One of the developers at Maxis Rachel Franklin wrote:

We are currently rolling out an early trial experience and invitations are going out very soon to a limited number of fans to help us test it. After that, you’ll all get your hands on it and see firsthand the depth, personality and emotion that are part of your new Sims.

Rachel also mentioned that everything in the game will feel new to everyone, as animations, AI, audio and a lot of other stuff has been redone to fit the requirements of The Sims 4.

Moreover, the game will add bunch of new features to make the experience more lifelike so that players will be more invested in the characters and the world around them.

The biggest feature added to the game is emotions for every character, which will continue to effect his/her daily life in the Sim’s universe.

Every Sim in the world will react in accordance to what is happening to him/her, which might make them angry person or a jolly good fellow, all depending on whether his/her day went like they expected or everything just fell apart.

The Sims 4 is scheduled to release on 2nd of September, exclusively for PC.

Source: The Sims

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