Rivals of Aether Revealed, Uncover the Mysteries Behind Endless Conflict

By   /   Jul 8, 2014

Rivals of Aether, a new Indie title has been revealed, which is being developed by Dan Fornace and Flashygoodness.

It is going to be a fighting game, in which you will be put into the world of Aether and then you will be tasked to solve the numerous mysteries regarding the conflicts that are going on in the game’s world.

Here’s how developer describe the game on its official website:

Discover the world of Aether and uncover the mysteries behind its endless conflict. Rivals come from one of four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each Rival can manipulate the battlefield in unique ways. It is up to you whether you want to choose one side or try to master them all.

The developers continued on to mention that the development on this new fighting game began in April of 2014, and also provided us with the look on the first two characters that will be part of the upcoming title.

The first character revealed is called Zetterburn, the Fire’s Roar and he is a brutal warrior, who possesses the power of Fire and has the ability to burn his opponents.

The other character introduced is named Orcane, the Puddle Jumper, who relies on his cleverness and has the power of water element and will prove to be an extremely dangerous foe.

Check out both of them in the images given below:

To keep up with Rivals of Aether, head over to the game’s official website.

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