NBC Sports Criticizes EA as Madden NFL 15 Release Approaches

By   /   Jul 8, 2014

It’s a poorly kept secret that EA has managed to acquire a lot of negativity for their questionable quality and profit oriented release of titles over the past few years.

EA’s notoriety as a ‘greedy’ studio has catapulted to a new level recently, with potentially high quality games turning out to be major disasters, leaving much to be desired in an unfinished or un-nurtured set of products like Sim City, the FIFA series, and more.

The most recent one to get the slack is EA’s American football series – of which the latest upcoming is Madden NFL 15 – which is currently the only major football videogame title, and faces little to no competition, leading to near certain annual sales for the company.

The strategy to acquire the NFL license and to reduce the tangible annual upgrade to the franchise has come under heavy criticism, and even big American sports channels such as NBC Sports have joined in to express their frustration.

Mike Florio of NBC Sports was bold enough to speak his opinion about EA’s title on the channel, which has been recorded by Youtuber Newman.

Florio criticism is a little blunt towards the start, with him stating that EA’s Madden series simply “sucks”, but he goes on to further elaborate what he had written in an article regarding the matter on the NBC Sports website.

Florio takes us back to 2004 when ESPN’s critically acclaimed 2K5 football game mesmerized football lovers with its simplistic yet accurate recreation of the real sport. At that very time, EA’s own Madden game of the era was priced at more than double the value, which was later on reduced once the developer and publisher noticed stiff competition from 2K5.

Despite the cut price, EA was losing the battle to its rival, and went to the wipeout option by paying for an exclusive license to the NFL and throwing any possible competition out of the window.

The 2K series from ESPN died from the move, and EA’s dominance has been persistent ever since. However, Florio points out that Madden as a product is lacking and fails to deliver the real football experience.

‘Thankfully’, EA’s license is set to expire in a couple of years. In all likelihood the game developer and publisher giant will look to push for a renewal, but Florio believes NFL should step up and deny them such a present.

After all, it is their logo that is proudly catering the questionable quality of the Madden series.

The problem is that the complaints – though increasing in abundance – have simply not acquired adequate media attraction to trigger a reflex action by the football governing body. Florio fears that if the voice of the people isn’t heard, the only real worth of the $49.95 spent annually will be the new rosters and a fresh player image on the plastic cover.

What is your say regarding EA’s football videogame franchise?

Do you agree with Florio, or do you believe EA is offering its fan something captivating and up to par every year? Share your views in the comment section below.

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