Dota Dash Pays Tribute to Mario Kart

By   /   Jul 8, 2014

Introducing ‘Dota Dash,’ a new mod for the Dota 2 community that brings in kart racing and also an assortment of other features like shells and banana peels.

Evidently it’s a tribute to the Mario Kart series and the modder probably thought it a great idea to inject some fun in a game which most of the times is taken a bit too seriously.

For now the mod does not offer many courses, and is available in the only Dota 2 map. It however does offer the same basic kart-racing mechanisms. Utilizing the regular Dota 2 camera angle, players can opt for an abundance of traps and other similar elements taken right from the Mario Kart series.

You can check out the mod in the video above.

For more information on how to install or play the mod, you can head to the Dota Dash Steam community group.

Speaking of mods, last week a modder managed to discover a way through which he introduced the first hack of Mario Kart 8. The hack allows players to alter the game in many ways, including renaming courses, changing musical cues or even altering the Wii U menu fonts. According to the hacker, all this is based on a recently exposed browser exploit as well as some code that he came up with.

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