Devil’s Third is Going to be a Console Seller for Wii U Says Itagaki

By   /   Jul 8, 2014

Have you been keeping an eye out for news on Devil’s Third? Well here’s one; the series creator Tomonubu Itagaki says that it is going to be a console seller for Nintendo’s Wii U!

We all know that Itagaki’s upcoming game is going to be full of lady parts and gore and violence. Now Wii U isn’t used to all that stuff, being a family console, it is expected that the community using it is different. Couldn’t this cause problem for the game’s sales? The veteran game maker doesn’t think so.

Itagaki was talking about the game and his expectations recently when he explained how confident he was that the content will not hamper the sales. In fact he believes that his game is going to make people buy Wii U just for playing the game.

He says that over at his Facebook many of the fans have been saying things like ‘I’m going to buy a Wii U just for this.’ He believes that ‘ultimately gamers are the ones who make the future.’

That is not all, he is pretty boisterous about Devil’s Third and his own games insofar that he recalls his previous games and how they excelled over the rest:

“I remember back when I took Dead Or Alive to the Xbox instead of the PlayStation – there was a certain Newsweek reporter who said, ‘Sony got steak and Xbox got hambuger.’ But what ended up happening is fans of my game came to the platform and it succeeded in the end.”

Devil’s Third doesn’t have a release date yet, but we will keep you updated as more information surfaces.

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